Tax law

Tax and fiscal influence on management and decisions that influence the daily lives of organizations.

How we have helped the market:

Market challenges and opportunities

In Brazil, the tax/fiscal issue is of great relevance in the business scenario, especially because it directly influences business decisions and activities carried out by companies. The constant modernization of the system for delivering tax obligations (main and ancillary), which even allows for the instantaneous cross-referencing of information, has made inspections and assessments carried out by the Public Administration quicker and more effective.

This is so true that, according to the “National Treasury Accounting Report”, which lists the assets and liabilities of the Federal Government in the base period ended in 2018, the total federal tax credits constituted and not collected totals the surprising amount of BRL 4,045 trillion.

Indeed, the complexity of our tax system requires that entrepreneurs be supported by a multidisciplinary team, endowed with legal knowledge, capable of mitigating the risks of the operations developed and identifying opportunities for tax savings. Differentiated actions are needed to help entrepreneurs deal with this type of reality.

Our Differential

Our experience over nearly three decades in providing legal advice to national and international economic groups has allowed us to develop a unique analytical capacity to visualize and propose efficient and innovative tax strategies, applicable to a highly regulated and complex environment such as the Brazilian tax system.

We develop a practical, agile approach that is totally focused on the concrete objectives of our clients, taking into account the aspects inherent to the segment involved and the practices adopted in the market.

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