Luiz Silveira

+55 (11) 3171-0021

He has been working for over five years on issues related to Real Estate Law.

Formação Acadêmica

In addition to being a lawyer, he is specialized in business administration and financial administration by Fundação Getúlio Vargas – FGV/SP.


Luiz Silveira (better known among friends only as Silveira) is the CEO and founding partner of Silveira Advogados and is prominent in the Brazilian legal scene, having advised a large number of clients and highly complex projects in the tax area.

He has over 36 years of experience in law and currently has a strong presence in the public administration, actively participating in the most varied discussions and negotiations, especially involving corporate, tax and regulatory issues in the industrial sector, even by coordinating the legal department of one of the main Brazilian industrial class entities.

He defends meritocracy and that success depends on the professional delivering what others do not deliver. Based on these premises, he developed his professional career always in line with his academic development (he held important positions in large companies, was a judge at the Court of Taxes and Fees of the State of São Paulo and is, in addition to a lawyer, specialized in business administration and in financial administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas – FGV/SP).

Silveira is a businessman and effectively understands the pain and needs of his clients. Precisely for this reason, he always reminds his employees of the office’s mission: to provide a personalized service, with transparency and focus on the customer.

Among its main areas of practice are Tax Law and Business/Corporate Law.

With this spirit of partnership, Silveira has not only found clients throughout her professional career, but mainly friends who have full confidence in the work developed by her firm.